Keynote - "TOPGUN - Lessons Learned"

Keynote Speaker, Tuesday, 8/23/22, 12:30 to 2:00 pm - Patrick "Lips" Houlahan, award-winning Marine fighter pilot and TOPGUN graduate
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Patrick remembers seeing the original TOPGUN movie as a kid and thinking, “that’s awesome and really cool.”  However, it wasn’t until he had earned his very own Naval Aviator Wings that he began to understand what it really meant to be a “TOPGUN” graduate.

Graduating from TOPGUN wasn’t just a rite of passage and it wasn’t just a check mark along a career path.   It was a validation of hours upon countless hours of hard work, introspective reflection, and attention to detail that is beyond reproach. It also came with an almost mythical charge to hold yourself and all those around you to the highest of standards.

In addition to the tactical instruction, Patrick also learned what it meant to wear the TOPGUN patch and to be a TOPGUN grad. The lessons he learned at TOPGUN and the ways of conducting oneself as a TOPGUN grad hold true in Naval Aviation as well as in the business world. They are effective and timeless.

In his presentation “TOPGUN Lessons Learned,” Patrick discuss the top five lessons (Purpose, Dedication, Humility and Honesty, Tough Love, Debrief) he learned from TOPGUN and how they can be used in business to develop and lead high performing teams. They are not hard to understand. However, they do take dedication.  Let him share these lessons with you and show you how to become the TOP 1% in your marketplace.


About Patrick - Patrick had a distinguished 27-year career in the United States Marine Corps as an Active Duty and Reserve fighter pilot. He was stationed in San Diego, CA. and participated in four six- month deployments: three to the Western Pacific and one to Al Assad, Iraq. Patrick was recognized as the Instructor Pilot of the Year and graduated from the United States Navy Post Graduate Fighter Weapons School, “Top Gun.” During his military career, he trained over 500 replacement aircrew, graduated from the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College, earned his Master of Strategic Studies as a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Army War College, and served in a variety of leadership roles.

After leaving active duty in 2004, Patrick joined a management consulting company and quickly rose to become one of their top speakers. Over 13 years, Patrick delivered and conducted over 450 keynote presentations, training workshops, and consulting engagements with today's leading corporations such as Verizon, ExxonMobil, Medtronic, DOW, VMware and H&R Block to name a few. He became an Executive Consultant/Director of Seminars and in 2006 was selected as the San Diego’s MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Speaker of the Year.